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This is just a short reference o the most common signs we see.  If in doubt, ring the surgery on 4636 2027 for advice.  In general, it is better to be seen early, than risk a condition worsening. 

If your pet has any of these symptoms, bring it in IMMEDIATELY 



Inability to Breathe Noisy respiration, blue tongue, gasping for breath
Bleeding That Won't Stop From any part of the body. Apply pressure and come now!
Inability to Urinate or Appears Constipated But continues to try.
Inability to Deliver Puppies or kittens Keeps trying unsuccessfully or more than an hour between babies (and you think there are more in there)
Pain Severe. Continuous with no relief
Vomiting, Diarrhoea Continuous or with the Appearance of Blood
Loss of Balance or Consciousness Includes tremors, coma, staggering, blindness, fainting
Itching Continuous scratching, biting, self-mutilation
Penetrating Wounds Any place, but especially chest or abdomen
Poisoning Bring the container or commercial name and chemical name
Injury Continuous pain and/or total lameness
Hit by car  
Bloat   Trying to vomit, swollen belly

inability to walk

loss of use of all four or just the hind legs

Any other sign that looks serious!  


If your pet has any of these symptoms, bring it in TODAY



Difficult Breathing With or Without Cough. Eats and Drinks. Not Frantic
Vomiting / Diarrhoea Without Blood; No Pain; No Unusual Contents
Sudden Lameness No apparent cause
Swallowed Object Even if you THINK pet swallowed it.
Severe Itching With possible self-mutilation
Strange Odour Usually disagreeable, from any part of the body
Eyes Discharge or redness to one eye.  Third eyelid across the eye.
Injuries Not severe emergency but will worsen with delay- lacerations


If your pet has any of these symptoms, it is safe to wait OVERNIGHT



Vomiting / Diarrhoea No blood, no foreign material, no pain, not continuous
Itching Mild to moderate; no skin damage; not continuous, no bleeding
Lameness Little or no pain; no discomfort in walking; not continuous
Thirst / Urination Excessive drinking and/or elimination of urine with no blood, no pain, no straining or discomfort, or bloody appearance to the urine
Loss of Appetite Skipped one main meal, but no other signs of illness
Most Skin Problems  

Our Community Commitment:

We are the official vets for the local RSPCA shelter.  We do low cost desexing and health care, as well as support them financially at their events

We offer cheap veterinary treatment to Queensland Animal Rescue,  Bull Arab, The Pawfect Companion and Animal Angels Rescue.

Every year we accept and treat hundreds of wildlife cases, asking only a small donation from those who chose to give.

We contribute to the AVA Petpep scheme.  This involves going out to school and teaching responsible pet ownership to school age children.  If you are a teacher interested in this FREE service, please ring us or the AVA on Tel: 07 3423 1788