West Toowoomba Vet Surgery

357 West Street
Toowoomba, AL 4350





Located in Vanity Street, North Toowoomba, the R.S.P.C.A cares for hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats every year. All animals are health checked and desexed before adoption.  They are sold flea and worm free, microchipped and having had their first vaccination.

If you have adopted a new pet and want to arrange for their stitches to be removed please ring our surgery on 4636 2027.  Most animals will require a second vaccination after adoption.  We do this at the discounted rate of $80 for dogs and $72 for cats.  By receiving this second vaccination, your new pet is fully covered against the main deadly diseases. This also includes a comprehensive health check.  Please check the paperwork that came with your pet for an individual requirements.

If you have adopted a new family member and you are worried about it's health, please ring the shelter FIRST on 4634 1304, before ringing for an appointment.  


 If you are considering a new pet, make sure you visit the shelter.  The cost of the dogs and cats from the shelter is LESS than you would pay for all the veterinary treatment on a new pet.


Animal Type

Total Price
(includes pet food)

Adult Dog $315
Puppy $365
Adult Cat $180
Kitten $199
Senior Dog $145
Senior Cat $120
Catchoo Kitten $120
Catchoo Cat $120
Small Domestic Bird $25
Large Domestic Bird $60 - $100
Exotic Bird $60 - $100
Duck $15
Chicken $15
Goat $60
Sheep $60
Cattle $200 - $400
Horse $200 - $1000
Guinea Pig $5 - $10
Rat $5
Mouse $5

Their contact details are:

43 Vanity Street
Toowoomba. Q 4350

Open 8:30am - 4pm for adoptions

Our Community Commitment:

We are the official vets for the local RSPCA shelter.  We do low cost desexing and health care, as well as support them financially at their events

We offer cheap veterinary treatment to Queensland Animal Rescue,  Bull Arab, The Pawfect Companion and Animal Angels Rescue.

Every year we accept and treat hundreds of wildlife cases, asking only a small donation from those who chose to give.

We contribute to the AVA Petpep scheme.  This involves going out to school and teaching responsible pet ownership to school age children.  If you are a teacher interested in this FREE service, please ring us or the AVA on Tel: 07 3423 1788