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  • Buy from a reputable source, such as a well-established breeder or a reptile specialty shop Avoid pet stores if possible.
  • Only buy reptiles that were born in captivity.
  • Do not buy hatchlings or very small babies. They are very delicate and can be difficult to care for.
  • Choose a reptile that is active and alert. If possible, watch the animal as it is fed. If that is not possible, ask to see its records to determine when it was fed and whether it is eating. Do not buy from that source if such records are missing or you are not allowed to observe the reptile being fed.
  • Make sure the reptile has been housed properly and fed the proper diet. A bad start in life can cause health problems later on. Reptiles can live for long periods under less than ideal conditions. Even if the reptile is rehabilitated, however, renal failure, bone or other growth deformities, or other ailments may arise later in life.

Our Community Commitment:

We are the official vets for the local RSPCA shelter.  We do low cost desexing and health care, as well as support them financially at their events

We offer cheap veterinary treatment to Queensland Animal Rescue,  Bull Arab, The Pawfect Companion and Animal Angels Rescue.

Every year we accept and treat hundreds of wildlife cases, asking only a small donation from those who chose to give.

We contribute to the AVA Petpep scheme.  This involves going out to school and teaching responsible pet ownership to school age children.  If you are a teacher interested in this FREE service, please ring us or the AVA on Tel: 07 3423 1788